The 21th China International Exhibition on Quality Control & Testing Equipment


On 31th Oct-2nd Nov, The 21th China International Exhibition on Quality Control & Testing Equipment(2016s Q.C China) will be hold at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center(Caobao road 88, Shanghai city). As a famous national brand, MITECH CO,. LTD paid high attention to this exhibition. Since got the invitation, we had been making full preparations for this exhibition for a long time. Now all preparations have been made. We are ready to show at B111 in The 21th China International Exhibition on Quality Control & Testing Equipment(2016s Q.C China)

MITECH CO,.LTD established in 2004, founded by a group of Doctors and Masters graduated from Tsinghua University and Pecking University, MITECH always adhere the philosophy of technical innovation, best service. With pursuit of producing better products, MITECH continues absorbing world cutting-edge technology in the R&D of our products, The new innovative products of MITECH are Digital ultrasonic flaw detector, Magnetic particle flaw detector, Portable hardness tester, Ultrasonic thickness gauge, Coating thickness gauge, Wire rope computer detector, Portable hardness tester, Portable vibration meter, Spectrometer, Electric spark leak detector etc.

Since it was established in 1965, The China International Exhibition on Quality Control & Testing Equipment(Q.C China) has already been the the large scale, long history, and wide range exhibition. AS a industry authoritative platform of technology and products, an important bond of peer company counterparts, MITECH had attend this exhibition for almost 10 years, stands together with users no matter how hard the situation is, we appreciate for the long-term support to MITECH by Shanghai research institute of material and China Machinery Industry Federation. Taking part in Shanghai QC exhibition has been part of MITECH market department job content, this exhibition plays an important role in raising the brand awareness and reputation of MITECH.

The 2016 year is the important year of MITECH. MITECH made a great innovation and transition, optimized the products categories, improved professional service, changed the traditional management mode, launched the completely new digital market management system, spread accurate information, shared clients resources, did market segments, regulated price system. Under the fierce competition, the market has higher requirements. MITECH will train the staff with high requirements, cultivate best service consciousness. By using innovation to raise our strength, using quality to create brand, using brand to gain the market. This exhibition is the grand industry exhibition MITECH has ever taken after strategic transformation, it will be the milestone of MITECH to create world famous brand in NDT industry.

In this exhibition, MITECH will show Leeb Hardness series tester including MH100, MH500 and MH600 etc. They can be applied in each process of hardness test and quality control, especially for the on site test of large-sized, non-removable workpiece. The ultrasonic thickness series tester including MT192, MT280 and MT660 etc. Supply perfect solutions on NDT tests of obturate pipe, containers and many limited work conditions, some of them have penetrate coating functions, eliminate the extra work of clear coating. Ultrasonic flaw detector MUT550B and MUT 660C, can do fast and accurate test of the flaws, the measurement range of 0-9999mm can meet the needs of many industries. Whats more, MITECH magnetic particle flaw detector MT-1A adopts large capacity Li battery, solves the disadvantage of 220v electric resource, it can also process images, save data, print test reports. Coating thickness tester MCT200 can do fast NDT test of coating and film. Handhold spectrometer MAS800 can check the metal types and components of alloy. Wire rope computer detector MRT10-S can test the rust and abrasion in inner side and outside of wire rope and generate report. Electric spark leak detector MTH-7D can test the leakage of anticorrosive coating. MR200 adopts new CPU and Bluetooth module can test large measurement workpiece. Vibration meter MV800 has wide measurement range, more potable, often used in field and high altitude.

MITECH products are sold well not only in domestic but also abroad, the products had gained good reputation of professional personnel, the special features of MITECH products are

Accurate measurement. Accuracy is the most important part of tester. More

accurate, more expensive. MITECH products have high accuracy, competitive price. The CPU frequency is 400MHz, can do fast calculation and find the little flaws.

Portable and easy to operate. All the products are portable tester, IP 65

protection class, suitable for poor work conditions. Humanized user image, short cut key, menu and universal spin roller are easy for the learner.

USB port. Massive storage with process software. MITECH products all adopt

new technology and integrated circuit. The USB port can analyze, save and print data.with massive storage, ultrasonic flaw detector can save 1000 videos, record for at least 15 hours.

Low power consumption, super long standby. With stable IC circuit, high capacity

battery, it has long life and low maintenance rate.

Portable printer can continue record the results. Imported with original packaging

of high speed thermal printer can save the results for a long time.

High resolution, digital display. The LCD is imported for NEC in Japan, the cost is

about 3000 yuan, our competitors adopt sharp LCD, the cost is about 900 yuan.

Fast professional door to door service, regional business representatives can

provide 24 hous service.

Competitive price. MITECH as the manufacturer of NDT equipment, own the

Independent intellectual property rights, the products have high cost effective

“Innovation, win-win and development” is the philosophy of MITECH, which is also the philosophy of Q.C China. MITECH will continue to take part in the exhibition, together with Q.C. China, struggles for the development of national NDT industry. Welcome to our booth B111, our general manager Miss Jinzhuo will come to the site, lead professional pre-sale engineers, introduce the completely new products, communicate and study with each other. MITECH is willing to cooperate with colleagues, work together to build a better future.(Editor, Kevin zhang)

Booth layout

MITECH exhibition contact

Li wenrui Liu lianwei 0086-10-58858658

Address: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, West Hall 1F(Caobao road88, Shanghai)

Transportation Information:

Take 43,92B,92,120,166,186,809,946 bus, or Husong, Shangshe,Xuminyexiao bus

Subway line 1 Caobaolu exit 2

12Km from Shanghai station, 2.3 Km from Shanghainan station, 15.4km from Shanghai hongqiao station

50Km from Shanghai pudong international airport,15Km from Shanghai hongqiao airport

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