The brightest spot: All the NDT products of MITECH were shown in 2016’s Q.C China


Three days of The 21th China International Exhibition on Quality Control & Testing Equipment (2016s Q.C China) was successfully ended in 2nd NOV. All kinds of fancy and classy booths and equipment were placed closely side by side in the huge exhibition room. Every exhibitor showed their unique products which made the exhibition more attractive.

Among these numerous booths, MITECH takes the philosophy of build national and independent brand. Continuous extent products line and improve technology. The high cost effective and professional service attracted many customers and dealers. The B111 booth of MITECH was very busy, it attracted many potential customers and distributors. Many of them paid high attention to MITECH products and said we want to cooperate with you in the future.

MITECHs booth

CEO Jinzhuo

Pre-sale engineer is introducing the ultrasonic flaw detector

Pre-sale engineer is introducing the new productX-ray industrial film processor

In this exhibition, MITECH showed a series of stable, precise and high cost effective products which had won lots of applauds. Since the establishment, MITECH always devoted to R&D of NDT equipment and insisted on independent innovation, continuous absorbed world cutting-edge technology which had won unanimous applauds in domestic and international market. In 2016, MITECH made a deep innovation and transition, optimized the products categories, improved service quality overall and changed the traditional management mode. Also MITECH launched the completely new digital market management system, spread accurate information, shared clients resources, made market segments, regulated price system. Under the fierce competition, the market has higher requirements to every industry. the MITECHs CEO Jinzhuo said. MITECH will train every staff with high requirement, cultivate best service consciousness. Use innovation to raise our strength, use quality to create brand, use brand to get the market.

In this China International Exhibition on Quality Control & Testing Equipment, the ultrasonic flaw detector including MUT550B, MUT660C and MUT880C showed people the accurate test of the flaws and huge range from 0 to 9999mm. Leeb Hardness series tester MH100, MH180, MH200, MH310, MH500, MH600 and MH660, equipped with different model like probes of D, C & G, etc. had drawn lots of attention of large equipment manufacturers. The ultrasonic thickness series tester including MT180, MT192, MT660, MT600B and MT280, especially the exclusive coating penetrate functions which astonished people on the site. Coating thickness tester MCT200 shown fast detective ability of coating. MR200 Surface roughness tester adopted ruby probe, equip with the newest processor with large detection range. Magnetic particle flaw detector MT-1A and MT-1B can test surface flaw, the special record function was superior than other similar products. Many visited dealers and customers cooperated with MITECH, after knowing all the products they said they would keep the partnership firmly in the future.

In the exhibition, MITECH lunched many eye-catching products. The wire rope computer detector MRT10-S as the only wire rope computer detector in the exhibition, it can not only test the broken wire inside and outside of the wire rope and determine the nature and quantity, but also analyze the rust and abrasion according to the waveform of the sample which can quickly test the servicing wire rope. The new product X-Ray Industrial Film Processor, it could automatically develop, fix, dry the film. The advanced Infrared induction technology could fast and automatically respond to the film. Personal dosimeter MRT1000 was the necessity for people who work in radiation environment. Electric spark leak detector MTH-7D can test the leakage of anticorrosive coating. Portable vibration meter MV800 was used to detect vibration function of work piece and facility. All of the new products were the outcome of optimizing the products categories and making transition. These products had won a lot of attention in the exhibition, the customers expressed their appreciation for MITECH.

The success of this exhibition is the witness of MITECH for insisting on technique research and innovation. MITECH personnel take good at cooperation and innovation as the core ideal and always adhere the philosophy of technical innovation, best service. This is the basis of MITECHs development and the motivation of processing. In the long run, MITECH will keep innovating in NDT industry, use the most rigorous science attitude and most professional service to treat every client to face the promising future in NDT industry. Thanks for the perfect exhibition holding by Shanghai materials institution. Also, thanks for the old and new friends of MITECH. After transition, MITECH will work together with colleagues to realize long term win-win cooperation, for the development of national NDT industry together.(Editor, Kevin zhang)

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