Warmly welcome French NDT testing agency  to our company


Warmly welcome French  NDT testing agency  to our company

June 19, 2017, a professional  NDT testing agency company in  French came to China to inspect MITECH,  the manager of overseas department attended this reception.

Inspection teams and manager

The international department manager introduced the situation of company and show our unified brand for the head of the testing agency, and the head highly appreciated the products of our new unified appearance and our unified brand.

Our staff demonstrated instrument

In the meeting room,the head and our managers had a pleasant meeting. Our engineer and manager demonstrated hardness tester,ultrasonic thickness gauge,surface roughness tester,coating thickness gauge and so on. The head had expressed great interest in our products,especially in our new updated portable hardness tester MT600, they said the thickness tester with colorful display and high accuracy, and the resolution can reach 0.001 stable and reliable ,and the latest updated products MH660 which can be connected with bluetooth printer is popular with clients. Also,the engineer had demonstrated the software of surface roughness tester MR200,our professional technical guidance won the customer's high praise.Besides,the coating thickness gauge MCT200 caught thehead's eyes,they were very satisfied with the two-point calibration unique function. At the end of the meeting,we showed our unique non-destructive testing flaw detector MFD550B which has function of recording the wave so as to analyze the results after testing. With professional guidance on the site,the head also can combine video on the website to provide technical guidance to their clients.

Finally, with the companion of manager of overseas department, the head came to office, R&D center and manufacturing shop to have a field inspection to learn about the procedures from producing to delivery.To provide better after-sales service to our customers,the engineer taught them simple maintenance instructions.

The head and the international department staffs

After investigation, they fully affirmed the production capacity, manufacturing facilities, quality management system, varies certifications (such as CE,GOST,Design patent), and said to strengthen cooperation with the MITECH Group.

As they are evening plane, we are going to send them to the airport, and near the airport, we invite them to eat hot pot, they praised the Chinese cuisine. The trip to China made them to a new understanding of China, also more sure of MITECH company, believe that after the cooperation will be more closely.

Eating hot pot together