Warmly welcomeIndia NDT testing Company to MITECH


August,7th-9th,2017, a professional  NDT testing company company in India came to CHINA to make a contract with MITECH, the general manager and the manager of overseas department attended this reception.

The international department manager introduced the situation of company and show our unified brand for the head of the testing agency, and the clients highly appreciated the products of our new unified appearance and our unified brand.In the meeting room,the head and our managers had a pleasant meeting. Our engineer and manager demonstrated hardness tester,ultrasonic thickness gauge,ultrasonic flaw detector and so on. The head had expressed great interest in our products, they said all of our products are with good quality and they want to build a good relationship with MITECH.

Finally, with the companion of manager of overseas department, the head came to office, R&D center and manufacturing shop to have a field inspection to learn about the procedures from producing to delivery. Then the head with our engineer talked about the unique non-destructive testing flaw detector MFDF500B,MFD550B,MFD660C,MFD800C, they like MFD660C too much,which has function of recording the wave so as to analyze the results after testing.

At the end of the meeting, the head was make sure that they will take a good cooperation with MITECH for a long time. The manager of international department make the contract about all details which they deal. Finally Our general manager and the head have sighed the contract, and hope to have a good and a long time cooperation in the future.

As they are evening plane, we are going to send them to the airport, and near the airport, we invite them to eat Chinese food, they praised the Chinese cuisine. The trip to China made them to a new understanding of China, also more sure of MITECH company, believe that after the cooperation will be more closely.