"From China, Benefit to the World" - MITECH was invited to Attend 15th APCNDT 2017 in Singapore


From 13th to 17th of November in 2017, the fifteenth Asia Pacific Conference on Nondestructive Testing (15th APCNDT) was held at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center in Singapore. Our company president Ms. Annie and the International Business Manager Ms.Lareina attended this meeting.

Many companies participating in this exhibition and showed their own innovative products, MITECH exhibited the following main products in this meeting: Leeb Hardness Tester Series including MH100, MH320, MH660 and etc. They can be applied in each process for hardness testing and quality control, especially for the onsite testing of large-sized, non-removable workpiece. The ultrasonic thickness gauge series including MT180, MT190,MT660 and etc. Supply perfect solutions for NDT testing of obturated pipe, containers and others under many limited work conditions. Some of them have penetrate-coating functions, with which they can eliminate the extra work for clearing the coating. Ultrasonic flaw detectors MFD550B and MFD 660C can test the flaws fast and accurately. Their measurement range of 0-9999mm can meet the needs of many industries. What’s more, MITECH magnetic particle flaw detector MT-1A adopts large capacity Li battery, which solved the disadvantage of 220v electric resource. It can also process images, save data and print test reports. Coating thickness tester MCT200 can do fast NDT testing of coating and film. Handhold spectrometer MAS800/860 can check the metal types and components of alloy. Wire rope computer detector MRT10-S can test the rust and abrasion of the inside and outside of the wire rope and generate report. Electric spark leak detector MTH-7D can test the leakage of anticorrosive coating. MR200 adopts new CPU and Bluetooth module can test large workpiece. Vibration meter MV800 has wide measurement range, more portable, usually used in field and high altitude. All of our products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, nuclear power, electricity, railways, petroleum, natural gas, chemicals, automobiles, construction, water conservancy, machinery manufacturing and other fields. The participating MITECH products have attracted the attention of many professional users in non-destructive testing industry in Asia Pacific. At the same time, the company has also accepted the most advanced information of non-destructive testing industry during the meeting. MITECH always adheres to the principle of "technological innovation is the basis of development and professional services is the boat for ahead. ", learn and absorb the cutting-edge technology in developed countries to integrate into product development and application, strive to make the product's performance and technical indicators reach the international advanced level. We believe this meeting will play a positive role in promoting MITECH brand and reputation. I also believe that MITECH will get better and better with the support of all parties.

Operating product

Operating product

Operating product

The 15th APCNDT is considered the major regional event for the Asia Pacific Federation for Non-Destructive Testing (APFNDT) and its member societies. The conference includes a technical and scientific program as well as workshops, which presents the latest developments in the field of research and development as well as the applications of NDT in all major industries. The exhibition organized in conjunction with the conference emphasizes the closely link between the research and the usage of the instruments used in the industry. The combination of the conference and the exhibition is the best promotion of NDT, it also offers unique opportunities to establish contacts and exchange experience and ideas between participants and visitors.

Exhibition location

APCNDT started in 1976 with the first conference held in Japan. Over the last 4 decades, APCNDT has made considerable progress and has provided the international forum for highlighting the accomplishments in the field of non-destructive testing. The Asia Pacific Conference for Non-Destructive Testing (APCNDT) is held every four years, the last one was held in Mumbai, India in November 2013.

Since the "Belt and Road Initiative" was put forward, China has opened a new chapter in international cooperation. "The Belt and Road Initiative" is the "Chinese Plan for Promoting Global Peaceful Cooperation and Common Development", which was put forward and vigorously promoted by General Secretary Xi Jinping under the China new normal economy and the new international economic situation. Among them: strengthen cooperation in science and technology, build a joint laboratory (research center), international technology transfer center, maritime cooperation center, promote scientific and technological personnel exchanges, cooperation in major scientific and technological research, jointly enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation becomes the focus of high-tech enterprises. With the in-depth cooperation in international trade, higher requirements have been put forward on the product quality and capability of independent innovation in our country. As a research and development, production and sales integrated innovative science and technology enterprises, MITECH actively respond to the national policies, is committed to developing into a non-destructive testing technology-based support platform, market service platform, application development platform and technology conversion platform. MITECH will always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation based on market based, adhere to the new standards, new platforms, new models of philosophy, is committed to creating a non-destructive testing innovation model. Always respond to the "from China, benefit to the world" to create non-destructive testing of well-known brands.

"Good at Collaboration and Innovation" is APCNDT's conference tenet and the core concept that guides MITECH's continuous progress. Beijing MITECH has been concerned and participated in the APCNDT event for many years. We will continue participate in and push forward the 15th APCNDT and make unremitting efforts for the vigorous development of non-destructive testing industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Please believe MITECH, choose MITECH! MITECH is willing to cooperate sincerely with all friends, join hands with alliances to build a better future! Welcome all friends in the exhibition come to our booth to exchange views and discuss cooperation. Beijing MITECH staff wish " the 15th Asia Pacific Federation for Non-Destructive Testing (APFNDT) " with complete success.

Booth number : ST18

MITECH exhibition contact: Ms. Annie , Ms.Lareina

Address: Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre (MBS)

10 Bayfront Avenue

Singapore 018956