2018 - Greeting a better Mitech


Time goes by and to the end of the year, in order to exchange and share experiences, active cultural atmosphere and enhance the cohesion of the company, Mitech’s departments have launched an independent annual summary of exchange activities. The first is the annual feast opened by the Department of International Affairs under the theme of "looking back and looking forward to the future". Creating a harmonious humanistic environment, creating a working atmosphere of mutual care and sincere cooperation has always been advocated by Mitech. The foundation for efficient work is happy work, we want to every member of the team to feel the warmth of the company in joy.

2017 was an extraordinary year for Mitech International. The general manager Annie made the opening speech: today's international old and new staff together, let I can't help but sigh, how time flies, too much to say and too much have no way to start the speech. It have 13 years since the founding of the Mitech Co., Ltd, And as if the entrepreneurship is yesterday, I was still just ignorant students just graduated from school, now years of exercise to add to the glory of life and rhythm, the pace of entrepreneurship is also more determined, and these experience also made today's Mitech more vitality. Thanks years to let us grow, thanks everyone let the International Department of the Mitech shine. In 2017, Mitech International continued to absorb new blood and explored the overseas markets in depth. In 2017, the new international business system was fully implemented. In 2017, new products was launched to detonate overseas markets. In 2017, Mitech actively participated in overseas exhibitions, etc. In 2017, the performance of International Department has reached a new high and the results are gratifying. Believe in the future, we will be more elegant, calm, intelligent and charm. As the saying goes, there is no perfect individual, only the perfect team, I hope everyone in Mitech can develop themselves, tap themselves, self-achievement, Mitech is a big goal, and you will be a different yourself as long as you insisting and willing to learn. Also I hope everyone will be able to become the banner of our company. We are a big family that is united and harmonious. I hope everyone can reap happy friendship here! May everyone in Mitech, as you are, be honest, kind and courageous, come to the world by the day and everything will be fine. Thanks 2017, Greeting 2018!

General manager Annie summarized the work done by the Department of International Affairs in the past year and fully affirmed the unswerving efforts of the International Department to open up overseas markets, make constant breakthroughs and make outstanding achievements, and every employee dedicated to international efforts. This year is the International Department of Mitech aggressive year, tortuous ups and downs, but I believe the growth of the harvest will certainly be transformed into precious wealth!

The atmosphere of the activity was cordial and we invited several employees who have already left their job. Although they have left the Mitech family, they have also maintained certain cooperative relations with Mitech, without in any way diminishing the heavy passion for Mitech. And they can not forget is that when Mitech spent the business time, when the passion, the young heart only one goal is to make Mitech become better. Mitech is the beginning of their dreams, hard-working spirit of Mitech are deeply engraved in the hearts of each of them, always cherish the past, never forget the beginning of heart, temper forward. New and old employees get together, exchange work experience, share Mitech something fun. For many years, Mitech has always attached great importance to cultivating talents on its own, giving full play to talents and exercising opportunities, a perfect rank system and a comprehensive and systematic training mechanism, providing broad career development opportunities and room for growth for those willing to accept challenges and capable personnel. In full of ideals and passionate working conditions, employees have been substantial growth and satisfaction, but also for the Mitech has brought amazing performance.

The happy time is always short, and the new and old members of the international department have concluded this activity with gratitude. Reform and innovation have achieved a famous company. with high levels of innovation and service, Mitech will be more famous in world. Entrepreneurship, we have a lot of deficiencies. So we will focus on management, quality and brand in the next three years, lead by example, down-to-earth, to create a real offer value and combat-worthy elite team! 2018, let us greeting the better Mitech.