Portable spectrometer MAS860




Measuring range:

From Mg to U

Resolution Accuracy:

Communication storage:

USB, Bluetooth, WIFI

Working time:

A single battery can last 8 hours.

Main unit weight:

1.6Kg(with battery)



Package dimensions:


Total weight:



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  • Overview
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  • Product Overview

    MITECH MAS860 Portable spectrometer, also called alloy analyzer. It adopts the principle of energy and wavelength differences in X-ray generated by metal atoms when energy level flips, so as to analysis element type and content in alloy material. Small size and light weight makes it convenient to work on site. It is easy to operate without tricky skills. A variety of elemental content can be measured at once in solid/powder/liquid sample detection. It is also designed with low consumption, high speed analysis and high accuracy; widely used in the field of analysis of elements such as boiler containers, petrochemical refining, iron and steel smelting, nonferrous metals, aerospace, weapons manufacturing and other elements that need to analyze Na or above to U. MAS 860 is a necessary professional precision instrument to improve the production efficiency and pass rate as well as cost savings.

    Function & application

    l Boiler, container, pipeline, manufacturing and other high temperature and high pressure industry in the production process of material analysis and reliability identification (PMI);

    l Iron and steel smelting, nonferrous metals, aerospace, weapons manufacturing, submarine ships and other military, national key projects in the production process of metal materials identification;

    l Petrochemical refining, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power plants, aerospace and other engineering installation and construction of metal materials to identify.

    l Scrap metal recycling and recycling of metal for identification, sorting;

    l QA / QC management of metal materials during the production, processing, manufacturing and casting and so on.

    Working Principle

    Working Conditions


    Humidity   ≤95%

    Instrument Features

    l Using Micro X-ray tube imported from the USA, small size, light weight, safe and reliable.

    l High-speed processing chip, advanced algorithm and high-responsive software, resulting in even faster analysis..

    l Ultra-high Resolution Detector combined with Digital Multi-channel Processing Technology, yielding super-high detection resolution.

    l Users can customize the creation of professional reports: including company logo, company address, test results, spectral maps and other sample information (such as product description, origin, batch number, etc.)

    l Built-in all-round environment sensor system that can real-time perception of changes in the surrounding environment and automatically adjust the parameters to apply to high and low temperature, dust, dark and so on extreme conditions of extreme elements analysis.

    l Built-in Double Beam TM technology, can automatically perceive the presence of samples in front of the instrument to improve the safety and protection of radiation levels, and it also can automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to the external environment.

    l It can be connected to the Internet to remote operation, parameter setting and maintenance, remote data analysis, etc.

    l Built-in new net strength fitting algorithm to optimize the spectral analysis process, making it has a very large laboratory equipment comparable to the very low detection limit.

    l Built-in Ultrashort TM optical path design that can significantly improve the light element Mg, Al, Si, S, P excitation effect without the need for nitrogen.

    l 3.5 inch Industrial resistive touch screen, superior to capacitor screen in back-light and clearer against sunlight in the field, support the spectrum display and the results show mode.

    l Built-in high-performance low-power A8 main control board, intelligent operating system with a virus immune function, stable performance.

    l Humanized X-ray tube automatic control on and off function that can protect the operator in maximum degree.

    l Large-capacity lithium battery, can work for 6 hours to meet the production testing requirements.

    l Intelligent battery management exerts a real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery through MSBUS bus.

    l Consistent with GBZ115-2002, GB18871-2002 and other relevant domestic and foreign standards, the radiation performance of the instrument is safe and reliable.

    Operating Method and Attentions

    Instrument Maintenance

    Mitech MAS800 / 860 handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is a precision detection equipment, the use of special attention should be paid to the following matters:

    l Test personnel should strictly abide by the operating procedures, please test the standard before and after the use of standard calibration of the instrument.

    l Do not use this instrument in an explosive or hazardous atmosphere, otherwise it may cause an explosion;

    l Please be careful to avoid the use of radiation, interference and liquid corrosion damage to the use of the environment;

    l Keep the surface cleanliness of the instrument, especially the front of the detector test window for avoid dust pollution effects the instrument;

    l Use a soft cotton cloth to clean the surface of the instrument. Prohibit the use of detergent or solvent to wipe the instrument, prohibit the instrument into the water;

    l When the instrument is idle for a long time, please remove the battery, avoid direct sunlight, keep the battery pack;

    l Don’t carry out material analysis when the battery is charging. Close the instruments after using.

    l The use of a higher frequency (an average of more than 50 samples a day), it is recommended every 2-3 years for a thorough overhaul;

    l Please do not arbitrarily disassemble the instrument, maintenance related matters please contact with the Mitech instrument service department, 4000600280.


  • Measuring range Can analyzed Mg,Al,Si,P,S,Ti,V,Cr,Mn,Fe,Co,Ni,Cu,Zn,Se,Zr,Nb,Mo,Rh ,Pd,Ag,Cd,Sn,Sb,Hf,Ta,W,Re,Pb,Bi
    Applicable materials For the detection of iron-based alloy series(Stainless steel, chrome / molybdenum alloy steel, low a
    Excitation source 50KV/200uAmaximum,Pipe pressure and flow can be freely adjusted,Ag target material(standard),Au、W、R
    Detector High Sensitivity Silicon Drift Detector
    Display system Industrial resistive touch screen with screen size of 4.3". Proprietary operating system software an
    Data processing Built-in 32G memory。 USB, Bluetooth, WIFI, the device can be connected to the Internet, remote contr
    Safety Built-in Double Beam TM technology automatically senses the presence of samples in front, improving
    Weight 1.6Kg(with battery)
    Dimentions 254×79×280mm(L×W×H)
    Power Systems Intelligent battery management through MSBUS bus, real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of