Mitech MVN30 three-in-one Industrial Endoscope




Measuring range:

Resolution Accuracy:

Communication storage:

Mini-USB B type

Working time:

8 H

Main unit weight:


Package dimensions:

57*44.5*26cm and 68*25.5*52cm

Total weight:



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  • Overview
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  • Product Overview

    MITECH MVN30 three-in-one industrial endoscope is kind of endoscope integrating the pipe mirror,electronic mirror and ultra-fine straight rod mirror. The use of color LCD display and highly integrated CMOS image sensor to ensure that the video endoscopic image of the clear, realistic; its low power consumption, quick signal transmission speed , and easy to carry,operate.The detection range covers 10,, to 300mm diameter pipes, with a maximum detection distance of 30m. It can detect pipe or narrow spaces without tearing apart or damaging machine while not working.Cracks, welds, foreign body, wear and internal processing of parts and other circumstances can be detected with high quality images. It is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, mechanical casting, national defense military, power production, automobile transportation and other fields, and is the important detection and monitoring equipment of industrial equipment testing and maintenance and other aspects.

    Function & application

    l Turbine overhaul: Turbine cleaning, paddle and nozzle / nozzle block check, find off parts, corrosion inside and outside the pipe;

    l Aerospace: Aircraft parts, large diesel engines, various engines and pipelines for routine maintenance and inspection;

    l Petrochemical Industry: Used for detection of oil refineries in the storage tank, heat exchangers, ball tankers, chemical industry pipeline facilities, special inspection and pressure vessel production units of containers, cylinders, pipelines;

    l Military:   Used to check the mechanical gear parts wear, loose, oil spills, barrel internal situation;

    l Motor traffic:  Car engine cleaning and maintenance;

    l Machine casting: Automotive parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump body casting, mechanical parts casting, pipe fittings casting;Used to check the situation of sand casting, burr and staggered hole quality control;

    l Power industry: Power generation, equipment defect detection and condition monitoring.

    Working Principle

    Working Conditions

    l Probe working temperature-10℃~50℃

    l Host working temperature-10℃~50℃

    l Storage temperature-10℃~50℃

    l Waterproof level :IP67

    l Oil proof level : IP 67

    Instrument Features

    l The host is compatible with the functions of pipe mirror, electronic mirror and straight rod mirror.

    l 7 Inches LCD display, clear imaging.

    l Ingerate the function of taking photos and recording, control the rotation, focusing , storage and playback of the lens, and oresent the best detection effect.

    l 40mm lens, electrionic focuing , 360°rotation, 180°rotation, IP67 waterproof, lens cover can be replaced.

    l 24mm wide angle small lens, greater than 100 °field angle, IP67 waterproof.

    l 8mm lens detection handle, with 3m hose detection line, 360°guide bending.

    l Independent and portable cable tray, humanized cable frame structure design, easy to carry and place. It can hang the host .

    l High flexibility testing line is rigid and flexible, suitable for large space and long-distance testing. It is equipped with detachable lithium battery, which can be charged separately, with real-time display of electronic quantity, and th working time is more than 4 hours.

    Operating Method and Attentions

    Instrument Maintenance

    l Dont use the instrument if the temperature is not in -10°C50°C in case that you may damage the probe;

    l Do not use or place the product in a corrosive environment

    l Do not expose the product to rain. Do not place the probe in a liquid for a long time

    l Do not place the product near strong magnetic objects

    l Do not use it if there is too much dust in the environment

    l Keep the body clean and avoid scratching the screen

    l Do not attempt to disassemble the product yourself. The repairing service is limited by the original authorized staff

    l Do not operate the joystick while the wire is in circle in case it being damaged

    l While shooting , make sure the brightness is OK and probe should be stable;

    l Before using, you should check if the battery is in or about to die

    l After use, adjust the joystick to make joints straight and then pull out. Avoid pulling hard because that may lead to damage to the probe;

    l After use, do not soak the product, the soft cloth can be used to clean the probe and mirror host, and then into the ABS case, so as not to cause corrosion or damage to the instrument;

    l The mirror and monitor are not allowed to be squeezed, impacted to prevent unnecessary damage. When the device is not in use, be sure to remove the battery to prevent damage to the battery and corrode the instrument.l

  • Display 7inches LCD
    Picture format 1024*768
    Resolution 800*480
    Video format 640*480(4:3);800*480(16:9)
    FPS 30
    Lithium battery 11.1V 7000MAH
    Brightness 600cd/㎡
    Battery life 8 H
    Video output NTSC/PAL Optional
    USB Port Mini-USB B type